Technical information


Ornamental glass

Company "Veyna" has in its offer a wide spectrum of ornaments which are most popular on the European market. Glass produced at Pilkington is a high quality product that guarantees best design. It is obviously possible to use any other kind of ornament and glass type however longer realisation time should be allowed for. It is possible to use extra decorative mullions between the glass, safety or heat protection glass.

Sandblasted glass
Akordeon zawartość

Sandblasting glass is the process whereby a specialized abrasive surface treatment of glass is applied leading to the removal of the top layer which results in visible tarnishing. The use of this technology gives a very delicate and subtle results. Sandblasting glass allows you to create any patterns that decorate the surface in a unique way. In addition to the designs shown below individually designs can be made on request.

Stained glass
Akordeon zawartość

Stained glass windows are an effective decoration of the door. Their brightness and color create a unique atmosphere. They create the "magic of light". Doors decorated by stained glass undergo a spectacular visual transformation, both in stylized and modern buildings.

Stained glass, being a decorative element, also has useful functions - it protects from unwanted views, protects against too much sunlight, and ensures discretion. Used in doors, it can be a painting image, simple geometry or intricate arabesque, and can also contain heraldic elements or the company logo.